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  Beginning in 2012, Aurelio is starting his own guide business. He will guide on Forest Service land, BLM land and private streams. 

     There will be a $50 discount on guide fees for those who lodge with us.

We now have some fantastic water in Southern Colorado to guide on for a $75 rod fee.
If you want to fish the Conejos, we highly recommend   Spencer Seims of Zia Fly at 575-779-3000.

If you are in the Taos area, you have to stop in at the Taos Fly Shop for your fishing needs. Great staff who are people friendly and they even carry a line of fiberglass rods now. The Echo 6'9 3 weight is perfect for the Costilla and the Cimarron.
If you are fishing Southern Colorado, don't forget to stop by Fox Creek for your camping and fishing needs.

Southwest Fly Fishing July/August issue
I would like our clients to know that on page 18 there is picture of a beautiful cuttbow caught on our property.  Aurelio guided the author of the article and really enjoyed his company.We were some what disappointed when the article came out that there was no mention of us for the simple reason that we did not purchase an advertisement.


I fished the ranch today on one of the smaller creeks. My buddy, Manuel, and I released over a couple dozen browns a piece averaging 8".  I also picked up a mile of private water below the ranch. We'll check that out next week with Spencer Seims and Steve Morris.
We fished the upper Costilla on opening day and caught 15-20 fish each. The next day we got to fish some of the private water that Aurelio has access to. If you like small streams and small fly rods in a beautiful mountain setting then you have to give Aurelio a call and book a trip. This is dry fly heaven and I was able to catch one of the prettiest Rio Grande cutthroats I have seen, as well as lots of wild browns. Steve Sexton

Steve Morris and I got to check out the
private water below the ranch.  This stretch of water has everything--under cuts, pools, runs, slow bends and some pocket water. This is truly some of the most beautiful trout water I've seen. The fish ran between 11 and 16".
A Commanche Creek Rio Grande cutthroat caught on a Latir Low Rider using a Steffan 6' 3 wt fiberglass rod and a Ryobi  255MG reel.  It doesn't get any better than this.

Had a great day at an undisclosed location in Colorado with Hib and Jim. Over 30 fish with 5 in the 16" range.
Also a heartfelt thanks to Hib Sabin for his gift of a beautiful sculpture, "A Gentle Rain".

Had a great day at the undisclosed location in Southern Colorado with Bob and Maggie. Congratulations to Maggie on her 18" brown.

Had a great couple of days on the Costilla and on the ranch in the undisclosed location with Harold and Frank. I cannot believe how beautiful and pristine the waters are. We caught browns, cutbows and even a brookie. NO RAINBOW STOCKERS on this ranch--all wild fish.

Harold's 17" cutbow

Our private water on the Costilla is fishing great. Not getting the refusals you get up in Valle Vidal. The Comanche and Ponil are fishing well. The Red River is starting to look good. For our private water in Colorado, it is fishing excellent, but due to the cooler nights we'd rather put you on the river around noon and fish until 6 pm.
Had a great couple of days at the undisclosed location.

Had a blast on both ranches this season in Colorado. With elk season and the cooler temperatures, we will start guiding on the Costilla and Red River. Amy's last fish on the ranch--a 13" brown.

I had a great day on the Conejos with Bob.

The flows on the lower Costilla by us are 20 cfs and the fishing has been fantastic. A lot of fish in the 12-14" range. There has been a grey dun and caddis hatch in the afternoon and they are hitting on stimulators and parachute Adams.
Went to check out a new creek on the ranch in an undisclosed
location with my buddy, Manuel. Had a great day with over 50 fish released with 10 in the 13-14" range. We caught them all on dries.

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