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  Beginning in 2012, Aurelio is starting his own guide business. He will guide on Forest Service land, BLM land and private streams. 

     There will be a $50 discount on guide fees for those who lodge with us.

    Thanks to Spencer Seim of, we will have some great water to guide on the Conejos for a rod fee.


Caught a bunch of these on the Costilla. It will be about 2 more weeks before we get enough ice off.



Who says you have to wait until July 1st to fish the Costilla?
I went out this afternoon for 2  hours and released over a dozen
fish. Three went between 16 and 18 inches.

The lower Costilla is fishing very good in the afternoon. Catching them on caddis emergers dropper size 14 beadhead. Going to fish the Red tomorrow and will let you know.

Fished the Red today at an undisclosed area and did pretty good. Re[eased over a dozen with the largest a beautiful 16" rainbow.

I fished our stream today for about 45 minutes to check it out. I missed 10 and landed 2 with this beautiful 15" cutbow as the largest. I had to make long casts. The water is very clear and the fish are starting to spawn and I spooked a lot of fish.

Fished by us today and did well. Runoff from Cordova Creek has made a light stain on the Costilla so the fish are less spooky.  Caught all cutthroats and cutbows and even caught some on dries. I caught them all over the stream and saw a bunch of redds. The midges are hatching throughout the day. This one was not the largest, but was the prettiest cutbow of the day.



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