Fly Fishing in Northern New Mexico And Southern Colorado

Beginning in 2012, Aurelio is starting his own guide business. He will guide on Forest Service land, BLM land and private free stone streams for native and wild fish.

Costilla Creek

The fishing was great today with the flow in the 30 CFS range. The lower part by the lodge was red hot with a lot of fish in the 12-18″ range.

I got invited to fish a small creek that feeds the Costilla for some pure Rio Grande
cuts. I took my 6′ 2/3 Steffen and had a blast catching these little gems. I will check out the Vallejos later in the week.

I rode my bike to the Vessels today to do some fishing. I caught a lot of browns mostly on the dropper.


 I fished the Vallejos with a friend from Hermann, Missouri and we caught a whole lot of browns in the 10-12″ range.90% were on a dropper.

I fished the Costilla by the lodge today. The flows were perfect. I released 15 fish and 4 were in the 18″ range. The RCCLA stretch of the Costilla opens tomorrow and should be very good fishing. I saw some brown caddis on our stretch of the river today. I caught all of the fish but two on a pheasant tail dropper.

I guided Amy on our stretch of the Costilla today and she had a great time. An 18″ er broke off right at her foot. We caught everything on a pheasant tail dropper. There are a lot of caddis on the rocks in the stream, but no hatching going on yet.


I guided Amy on the Vallejos. It got off to a real slow start, but she ended up releasing 20.

I guided Amy on the Cimarron, the infamous stretch called “The Holy Water. She had a great time.



Fished the Costilla today and the fishing was good. I was using a size 18 elk hair caddis. I saw a lot of caddis, gray Dunns and a few stone flies.

We had James guide Amy and me on the Conejos and it was fantastic.


Had a great day on the Costilla with Mike and Kylie. The flow was perfect.


With flows in the 30s on the Costilla above and below by the lodge, fishing has been excellent. Ken, Ben and Jay caught a lot of fish this weekend.


Fished Costilla creek.

With the flows being 30 CFS, the lower Costilla is fishing great.
I went on our stretch today and released over 20 with 5 being in the 14-16″ range.
I missed one that was 20″.

If any of you guys from Taos want to fish it, it is one person only for a $50 rod fee.

The Costilla at the lodge is fishing really good. Caught most on droppers.


Vinsom had a great day fishing by the lodge today. He released over 20 with 4-5 beautiful cutbows in the 15″  range.

I fished the Costilla by the lodge late in the afternoon. The fishing was excellent. I released over 20, most in the 8-12″ range. I caught them on a size 22 dry.
We have spoken with the state biologist who has informed us that the fish kill in Valle Vidal has begun. The area above the new barrier all the way to Vermajo Ranch and up the Commanche to the barrier will receive the treatment.. This does not effect the area below the barrier, the RCCLA park and areas above the barrier on the Comanche. If you are planning a trip, Aurelio can recommend  local waters and areas in Colorado to fish.

We are holding a whole lot of fish by the lodge in the pools. The problem is that the water is gin clear and the fish are super spooky. The best is to fish late in the day and to use long leaders size 18 and 22 dries. If you are real stealthy, you will caught some of these beauties.

 The lower Costilla is fishing excellent in the afternoon with small dries.