Fly Fishing in Northern New Mexico And Southern Colorado


 In 2012, Aurelio  started his own guide business. He guides on Forest Service land, BLM land and private free stone streams.


Happy Easter Sunday 2021

The Red River is fishing very good. Using dry droppers in the morning and catching them on caddis dries in the afternoon  Size 16.

The lower parts of the Costilla are starting to fish using a dry dropper.

The Culebra fished very good. It is low and the fish are spooky but we got into a really good hatch and were catching them on size 22 dries. Later in the day, I caught a couple on a Chubby Chernobyl  Thank you Van Beechum.


The runoff has started. It won’t be fishable for a couple of weeks. The only options at this point are the Culebra and the Vallejos.

6/12/2021 stone flies, y
The Costilla is starting to fish, picking them up on the edges in the afternoons on dries. Guided on  the Culebra a week and a half ago and Phil and Joe did excellent. Caught them all on droppers and one on a big dry. I am going to fish Southern Colorado with some friends on Monday.
Fished the upper part of the Costilla today and it was excellent. The stone flies, yellow sallies, mayflies and caddies were all out.
I fished two spots by the lodge today. A lot of bugs coming off….big brown drakes, stone flies, ginger duns, yellow sallies. Still too much water down here by us. Had a 20″ cut bow break off. The upper Costilla in the RCCLA park is fishing great.

Los Pinos
Fished the Los Pinos and it was excellent. Very good green drake hatch in the afternoon.

The Rio Costilla is still fishing very good in the park.
Guided on private water on the Costilla. The water was good for this time of the year and the flows were acceptable. Cloudy cold weather and sparse hatches but the fishing was excellent on dries and some droppers.


Went on a guided trip with Conejos Anglers on Treasure Creek. Randy Kees’ son, KK, guided me and had a great time . We caught a lot of fish–brookies and cutthroats.


Got to fish the Adams’ Fork of the Conejos with Paul and Jeff today, We had a lot of fun and caught a lot of fish in the 12-13″ range. All were cutthroats.


 Fished the Costilla at the lodge today. The flows were perfect in the 30s. I released over 30 fish caught on droppers. One 20″ broke me off.