Fly Fishing in Northern New Mexico And Southern Colorado

Beginning in 2012, Aurelio is starting his own guide business. He will guide on Forest Service land, BLM land and private free stone streams for native and wild fish.

There will be a $50 discount on guide fees for those who lodge with us at Costilla Creek Fishing Lodge and Guide Service

The season for 2019 is looking fantastic for the Commanche, Ponil, the Costilla and our private water on the Vallejos due to the excessive snow in the mountains.

Jon and I had a great day on the Rio Costilla by the lodge. Jon released over 20 fish and had a 20″ break him off. I landed a beautiful 20″ cutbow.

We have spoken to the NM Game and Fish concerning the fish kill on the Costilla and Commanche. The good news is that the state has directed all of its resources to a project on the Gila. This leaves no one to continue the project on the Costilla. So no closures for the upcoming season

The dam has been shut down and the Costilla by us is fishing fantastic. I released over 30 with 2 cutbows that went between 18-20″.

The Vallejos  is now too low, but the Trujillo property is fishing really well.

Rafe with a beautiful 14″ Vallejos brown.

Guest posters: Jay, Ken and Ben
Yesterday we started off at 10am and were blessed by the overcast. The water was perfect. Ben managed to catch the 1st fish of the day. Ken and I were waiting for the fish to wake up, Once they woke up, they kept us busy catching around 70 fish  We released them all in good health. 

Guided Amy on the Vallejos for 1/2 day today. She released over 38 fish with a 16″ being the largest. Almost half of the fish caught were in the 12-13″ range. This is a beautiful free stone stream filled with wild browns. With the current water levels, it should fish good the rest of the season.

The Costilla is fishing great with the lower flows. Took Amy out and she caught a lot of fish on
a Latir Lowrider and some on the dropper.

I had James Garrettson guide me and Amy on the Chama today, and it was excellent.  Caught a whole bunch of fish.

I went up on the Costilla yesterday for a few hours. With the high flows, you need to fish the edges. I released 15 with a beautiful cutthroat in the 14″ range. I caught him on a Parachute Adams. The stone flies and ginger duns were out, plus a lot of midges.

The Fiberglass Clave is going great. Chris caught over 50 fish on the Vallejos with an 18″er.

I had a great hour and a half on the Costilla. I got in the middle of a stone fly hatch. I caught a lot on my Latir low rider and some on the dropper. I caught more fish on the dry by keeping the dropper on. Six fish went between 12-15″. I released a 15″ brown and a 15″ cutbow. I went to another spot that was not having hatches, and the fishing was slow. So move around and look for the stone flies. 

The fishing on the Costilla is excellent right now. I am catching them on dries later in the day. Stone flies, caddis, and ginger duns are out. Orange Latir low riders, stimulators, and orangish bead head droppers size 16 or 18 will take fish earlier in the morning.
The Vallejos is fishing good but the flow needs to come down some. I was over there yesterday for an hour and released 15 fish with a 15″ as the largest. It should be ready in a couple of weeks.

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